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Christians God !!

i imagine when Christians go there and buy their gods!! what are they thinking ?!!

they buy a baby god to the kids .. and they buy themselves the grown one .. while others get the crucified god

white people buy white god
and a black people buy a black one

they take it home .. hang it on the wall and prostrate to it
and maybe a kid break it, so his sister run to their mother
“Mummy, Tim broke my god”
the mother “Ok dear, we gonna buy you anew one tomorrow”

i can not imagine how ridiculous is this


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Christians cannot answer who’s thier creator ? !!


Muslims and Christian we have a situation here that need to be solved

When I asked Christians about who is the Creator due to Christian Doctrine answer were as following:

Hernan Murillo said father and Son

kingdomites and Francis Louie S. Muli said Jesus then they suddenly both of them started to insult.

Guy Viti said Father and son and Holy Spirit

While St Athansius in his book says the Creator is the Father

I suggest that all of you accept Islam and solve this confusion.

May allah guide and forgive you